Raising Creative Kids: 5 Tips for Parents

Raising Creative Kids: 5 Tips for Parents

  1. Provide an environment that fosters creativity: I totally feel it's essential to create an environment that encourages creativity.  Like, decorating your space with art, posters, and other creative objects that inspire children!  Also, provide plenty of resources such as art supplies, writing tools, music instruments, and more.

  2. Give them the freedom to explore: Children need the freedom to explore their interests, so it's essential to give them space and time to do so. Every once in awhile allow them to freely experiment and take risks, without worrying about getting things perfect or following strict rules.

  3. Encourage open-ended play: Open-ended play encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to come up with their own ideas and solutions. This can include activities like building with blocks or creating stories with dolls or action figures.

  4. Foster curiosity: Encourage children to ask questions and explore the world around them. This can be done by taking them on nature walks, visiting museums, and engaging them in conversations about science, art, and other topics that spark their curiosity.

  5. Celebrate their creativity: Celebrating children's creativity is essential for encouraging them to continue to explore their interests. You can do this by displaying their artwork, reading their stories aloud, or hosting a creative showcase for their work. Remember that positive feedback and support will go a long way in building up their confidence and creativity.


My son loves painting + drawing and he's so good at it! I'm glad I was able to encourage him even when he had doubts!


Hope this helps! 


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