I would describe my first book, "Mini Artist - Encouraging Kids To Create Without Fear" is an unconventional, straightforward kid's book. It is full of colorful words & illustrations that encourages kids to let go of their fear of making mistakes & trust their creativity.

    Despite lacking the formal training of a professional illustrator, I have a tendency to approach design with a more open & flexible mindset. This allows me to recognize and even find value in mistakes or deviations from the standard rules. Include

    For me, "Mini Artist" is a motivational book for kids and a great reminder that creativity is not a talent reserved for a few, but a natural human ability that can be nurtured & developed at any age!

    36 pages, Ages: 5 and up

    (2) pages included where kids can leave drawings of their own.

    Measures: 8.5 " x 11"


During my childhood, I had minimal formal art training, but I was always captivated by creativity. I had a strong desire to beautify the world through my unique perspective. However, it wasn't until later in life that I embraced my passion fully and became a full-time artist.

Through perseverance and the courage to disregard others' opinions of my work, I have achieved many of my artistic goals, including this book! To date, I have sold over 1,200 paintings & created thousands of graphic art prints and designs, all of which are entirely my own creations.

Let us remember that kids have ideas - encouraging them to play and grow their talents can lead to places you or they might never imagine are possible!