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Obstacles Become Opportunities #10

Obstacles Become Opportunities #10

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SIZE: 60"X48"

Inspired by the many challenges I’ve faced in health & love. It tells a story about the moments we go through in our lives. The squares resembling days on a calendar filled with goals & dreams, but not always going the way we plan. Some days the ground gives way under our feet & our lives completely change. Taking us through painful moments, where we feel defeated and stuck. But if we look closely, obstacles can eventually lead us to opportunities.

2022, acrylic and watercolor crayon on canvas, unframed, 48″x60″. Ships rolled in a heavyweight tube. Unframed.

Paintings are shipped 2 business days following order.

Paintings that are shipped in a tube are unmounted and unframed. We recommend using local framers to mount and frame due to potential for damage during shipping and excessive costs to ship large parcels.

Paintings that are mounted on stretchers are shipped in a foam-lined heavyweight box designed to protect the painting from potential damage.

If you are shipping to an location outside of the United States, please contact me directly at to arrange the carrier and cost.

We use recognized carriers for all shipments - primarily UPS, USPS, and Fedex - for shipments. Customer will be provided a tracking number for shipped artwork. Customer agrees to be available to receive shipment on the scheduled delivery date as provided by the carrier, or to work with the carrier directly for an appropriate delivery date. Once shipment is given to carrier, Jen Ramos and Jen Ramos Art is not responsible for re-delivery or lost artwork, carrier misplacement or other issues out of control of Jen Ramos and Jen Ramos Art that impede delivery.

If artwork does not show up 30 days after shipment date, Jen Ramos can replace the artwork with similar style, but if the artwork is valued at more than $1,000, customer agrees to pay a fee of $400 to recreate the artwork.

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About Jen Ramos

Jen Ramos is an Arlington, Virginia based artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur who has painted bright & bold artwork for over 11 years. Her works evoke a range of emotions, underscored by feelings of happiness, joy, hope & sometimes a little chaos. She’s always felt her art was like a symbolic language in which she conveys her feelings.  Simplicity, elegance, luxury, and harmony define her aesthetic.