Wow, I'm a Self-Published Author!

Wow, I'm a Self-Published Author!

I started creating this book for kids back in 2020 & I put it down during the PANDEMIC due to all the CHAOS in that year.. I focused mostly on my HEALTH and my artwork since everything was closed down. I ONLY had 10 pages completed of this book at the time. In fact, I didn’t even think it would really turn into a book one day. 

You see, I had NO idea what it would take to turn those illustrations into an actual book. 

I remember looking into it briefly & feeling SO overwhelmed!  

I wrote notes in my iPhone of the steps to self publish and boy did I feel DEFEATED …so I just left it alone. Then fast forward to January 2023 my SON and I were drawing, I remember him comparing his drawing to mine and telling me how UGLY his was in comparison. 

On another day, I invited him to draw again and he was reluctant. He was SCARED that I would look at his art and think it was CRAP. My heart broke. 💔 Of course, I ENCOURAGED him not to give up. I told him that it wasn’t about PERFECTION but instead about putting yourself out there and creating what makes you HAPPY!  Despite what people think. 

A few days later I picked up my drawings from 2020, and made a PROMISE to myself that I would finish this book! 

I decided I was going to self publish. UHH yea. It was one of the most CHALLENGING things I’ve ever done. 

There were so many days I thought of QUITTING and even wondered what I why bothering. But I thought about my son and I wanted him to be FEARLESS in his creativity and everything else in life … I wanted him to be PROUD of me for finishing this book. But most of all,  I wanted him to know, that I BELIEVED in him!

So happy to announce that my book, (Mini Artist: Encouraging Kids To create Without Fear) is now available on Amazon here.

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